Our staff has been trained worldwide, in countries such as Norway, England and Melbourne, Australia.

The director, Anabel Corral Granados, has a PhD on Education, Anglia Ruskin University, Master degree in Education, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, Master degree in Inclusive Education, University of Oslo, Norway and Licensure in Psichology.  She has been an expert assesor on inclusive practices at the European Comission, Brussels, for 5 years.

We are aware of the importance of appreciating the social and cultural background of each child (especially in our multicultural context). “Little People” wants to help create a sense of community through annual cultural events (Norwegian national Day, the Christmas nativity story, Carnivals etc.) involving parents, cooperation with local support organizations, networks and cultural associations.

To do this, this Centre has professionals specialized in Multiculturalism (University of Oslo, Norway) and Inclusive Education (University of Oslo, Norway).