In line with our objectives, staff at our Centre are highly qualified with years of experience in different European countries. They receive ongoing training directly from the Pedagogical Department of Anglia Ruskin University (England). Our Centre has been evaluated by external experts and prominent research groups as Mazaltob Oaknin Estrada (University College London), the Early Childhood Research Team at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford (England) and Emad Al Rozzi from the University College in Oslo and Akershus. We have also partnered with universities such as the University of Almeria,the University og Alicante and Anglia Ruskin University (Chemsford) for learning, research and workshops for both our professionals and the families in our Centre. Each child will be assigned with a responsible professional, who will ensure that the activities undertaken suit the needs of the child. This key worker will also be responsible for the direct communication with the parents.