The mission of Little People is to provide the best care for your kid while you are on holidays or a business trip in Costa Blanca.

Little People works with children from 2 to 6 years and we are OPEN all year! You can have your child in pour nurser, part time or full time,  and can stay during your holidays, for one day , one week, one month or 1 year.

In our facilities, children are given plenty opportunities to gain a variety of experiences to become independent and confident with themselves, in a safe, enabling environment supported by skilled and experienced practitioners (in Norwegian, Australian  and UK nurseries) in a spacious and well-equipped house. The nursery is part of a Spanish Red Cross Project that have approbed  and confirmed the quality of our services.

We work in partnership with you, the parents and carers, to achieve a common aim which is to ensure that each child has the best possible start on their academic journey. From their settling-in experience right through to their transition to primary school, we aim for a happy and fulfilling early years experience and value every great and small success, every step of the way.