In order for people to achieve a comprehensive and holistic development, we consider it absolutely necessary to stimulate their “intelligences”, and helping them to achieve those goals that are most appropriate to them according to their best abilities and competences.
Our task will be based on supporting the children to grow in their multiple intelligences, and reinforce the areas which are more developed; thus enabling children to be committed, dynamic and competent, and therefore being able to build their individual wellbeing and contribute to the community.
We offer a safe and stimulating environment where children come to experience a wide range of activities linked to key skills. Resulting in the enhancement of their self-confidence and harmonious development, and becoming independent “Little People”.
In clear connection with the above, we agree with scientists as they consider bilingualism as one of the best tools for the brain development of children, resulting in better concentration span, which in turn contributes to improved academic achievements, self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation and creativity, as well as a greater involvement of parents in the individual care of their children.
That is why we offer a psycholinguistic based UNESCO program, using the mother tongue of children as the basis for quality learning. Here the child acquires a second or third language automatically through learning focused on its first language. With the support of our native speakers, the child gradually transfer language skills from the familiar to the unknown.
“Little People” has professionals in the field of psychology and pedagogy, who are fluent in languages such as English, Spanish and Norwegian.

Methods such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Scandinavian nurseries philosophies are also indispensable sources of knowledge for our centre.