Summer School

The Summer Club is open to all children, regardless of whether or not they attend school, from 18 months to 6 years,
There are many exciting activities that include arts and crafts, cooking, crazy science, sports and games, dance, music, theater, singing, treasure hunts, water games, sand games. There is a weekly theme and a party every Friday, like cowboys and Indians, superheroes, summer time, etc.
The activities will be conducted in English and directed by staff members of the school.

Circle time: let’s speak in different languages.

The aim of Quality Circle Time is to nurture children’s social and emotional growth and strengthen their self-esteem.

Although each meeting is planned and directed by the adult circle time leader, its aim is to encourage children to interact with confidence because each individual is given the opportunity to contribute to the group and feel supported by other members.

This helps everyone to work as a team that celebrates diversity in others and respects their values and beliefs. Regular circle meetings help children to become emotionally strengthened, confident amongst others and to be able to cope with the stress and strains of life.

Let me play

Children will have the opportunity to discover the environment, working with materials imagen2in the outside learning areas. During these activities, children improve their relationship with others.
The planned activities are to focus on developing several areas of learning which include communication, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, understanding the world and to express themselves through art and design.

Lets play to storytelling: Multisensory stories

provide a safe, inclusive and fun platform for launching into exciting, early learning experiences. With the comfort and reassurance of a story behind them, children have a shared experience to use in their experiments and explorations.

Being able to touch, taste, hear, smell and see things through enjoyable and exciting experiences, gives children the best conditions for real, fun and lifelong learning and understanding.

Music, Rhymes and diversion


Your child can have fun through music and movement using song, dance and musical instruments. Busy Bodies also helps to keep your child healthy, active and on the move.

Staff will show children the history of instruments and they will have a lot of fun learning to play many of them, sing a variety of action songs in Spanish, English and Norwegian and nursery rhymes together in a relaxed environment.

This is a great way to help your child grow in confidence and develop their speech. Each session will finish with a relaxation activity. Music has always been a powerful tool for expressions.

This kind of activity has several benefits like:
– Helping children develop their communication skills, promoting concentration and listening skills
– Helping children to find ways to express their feelings.

Bumps and buddies

Children need plenty of time to just run around and play.

Backyards and playgrounds are great places for children of these ages. Getting children involved in lots of fun physical activity keeps them active and healthy.

It’s important to help them find activities that they enjoy and you can do as part of everyday family life.

A world to discover

To understand their world, children need time to gain knowledge, explore and to relate what they discover to both previously held ideas and future learning.

When we investigate we give children opportunities to:
– Explain
– Demonstrate
– Predict
– Think
– Solve problems
– Be creative


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